RCA RC920 Wireless Phone Jack Extension Review

RCA RC920 Wireless Phone Jack Extension
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I've been using a set of these for over a year, and they are a godsend but not perfect. The good news; I use it to connect my Tivo (Tivo needs to dial in every night to update its program data) and it was the perfect solution for a tough spot, since there's no phone jack anywhere near my television. I have also used it to surf the web with a dial-up connection, with no real problems. Its fine, even through an extension cord! The bad news; I've tried to use for a phone, and that rally didn't cut it. It worked, but its a bad connection. I couldn't tolerate it. So I dispute the earlier comment that it can't be used for data. For me, its only use is for data, not voice! For certain situations, its ideal.

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The RCA RC920 wireless phone jack extension is an accessory to the RCA RC926 wireless phone jack, the GE926, and the D916. This compact extension unit converts your existing electrical outlet into a phone jack, without the need for tools or wiring.
If you have already installed a compatible wireless phone jack system in your home or office, simply plug in the RC920 extension into your wall outlet to automatically create another phone jack. A green LED on the side of the unit indicates that it is functioning normally. A reset button lets you change the location of the phone jack or switch phones.
The RC920 features built-in surge suppression and is ideal for placing a phone anywhere an extension phone jack is not readily available. The RC920 is compatible with corded and cordless phones, answering machines, fax machines, and computer modems. It also support call forwarding, call waiting, three-way calling, conference calling, and speed dialing.
The RC920 is very easy to install. Just plug the unit into your AC wall outlet, attach your phone cord, and begin use. Once a compatible system is installed, you can add as many RC920 units and phones as you need.

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